The Bangchui coastal scenery’s geographic contour is part of Dalian Coastal Geopark, which is located in the south district. On the north side of the beaches its geographic stratus comprises of typical and massive erosion rocks. Over the past million years, it gradually forms the looks of stone-sausage, window-shaped, wave structure and apparent rock fractures impacted by the forces of plat tectonics. In particular, its back shoulder ( stone sausage look-like) shows clearly typical and complete stratus structures with uniqueness. It’s rarely seen such a concentrated place with all structure displays, which is a rare and precious geographic scenery with high values of scientific research and popularized science education as well as tourism.

The mysterious formations of its natural-shaped figures like Goddess of Mercy, Giant Lion, Amah Rock, Silver Snake above Seas, Stone Dragon Entering Seas, etc. take great attractions.