Within famous“4A-level national scenic”- Bangchui Island, the Bangchui Is-land Hotel Dalian is set in the eastern Binhai road, and the south coasts of Dalian. With an extensive coastline of over 2.3 kilometers and 870 thou-sands square meters of park lands, the hotel is next to the “5A-level national scenic”- Tiger Beach Ocean Park, and near to the Dalian International Con-ference Center, ,and the Dalian Port Pier.

As a state guesthouse, the hotel has received many of Statea and foreign leaders to rest and stay, such as Zhouenlai, Dengxiaoping, Jiangzemin, Hu-jintang, Wenjiabo, Xijinping, Likeqiang, Jinricheng, Sihanouk, Yeltsin, Liguangyao, Schroeder, Kissinger and Samaranch, and even now often has heads of the States and VIPs live here. Many fascinating legends and excel-lent works of calligraphy and painting masters remain here to impress the tourist from all over the world.