The hotel has 316 well equipped rooms, 18 detached villas in different style.

Indulge in the cozy guest rooms and suites offering a peaceful park and sea view.

Built on 1960, with size of 1403 square meters and 2 floors of Chinese style architecture, the No.1 Villa has horned to receive heads of States, such as Dengxiaoping, Yangshangkun, Wenjiabo, Zhoujiahua, Jiangchunyun, Boyibo, Songping, Lixiangui, Zhaonanqi, Ludingyi, and Liaochengzhi, as well as the foreign state heads, like the former Prime Minister of Luxem-bourg, Mr. Sant.

Living room of No. 1 Villa

Conference room of No. 1 Villa

Reception room of No. 1 Villa

Dinning room of No. 1 Villa掅